Thief Breaks Into McDonald's Drive Thru Window

  • Thief Breaks Into McDonald's Drive Thru Window

A woman was caught on the store camera breaking into a McDonald's restaurant by crawling through an unlocked drive-thru window.

She grabs an ice-cold Coca-Cola soda from the soda machine in the dinning room, then goes looking through the restaurant for more free stuff.She spends over 20 minutes robbing the restaurant of cash, food, and happy meal boxes.

A little later on she realizes during the robbery that their might be surveillance recorder on the premises and decides to pull her shirt over her head to hide her identity. Police have said the Great Cornholio is wanted for questioning, but is not a suspect in this case.

She leaves the McDonald's restaurant through the front door but she pulls the stoles stuff from the drive-thru window instead. She even tries to close the drive-thru window at one point after the heist. Why didn't she just take everything out of the regular door?